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Your comments and reactions are welcome by Geo Seed. All information and material sent to Geo Seed through this website, such as comments, reactions, ideas, questions, projects, data or the like, will be considered NON-CONFIDENTIAL AND NOT PRIVATE PROPERTY. For this reason, we ask you not to send us any information or material that you do not intend to make us usable, including, without limitation, any confidential information or any creative material, such as product ideas, computer codes or original designs.
By sending communications and / or material to Geo Seed through this website, every title, right and advantage over any copyright and any other intellectual property right contained in the information and / is transferred to Geo Seed, on a worldwide and free of charge. or material sent. Geo Seed will have the right to use any information and / or material sent through this website and any idea, concept, know-how, or technique contained in such information and / or material, for any purpose, including but not limited to: development, manufacture and marketing of products using such information and / or material without any restriction and without being in any way under obligation to reward.
However, Geo Seed will use any information or material sent through this website in full compliance with current privacy laws. In any case, Geo Seed will not make your name public or otherwise advertise the fact that you have sent us information and / or material, unless: (a) your permission is obtained to use your name; or (b) you are notified in advance that the information and / or material sent to a specific section of the site will be published or otherwise used under your name and there is no objection from you, or (c) it is expressly requested From law. You are fully responsible for the information and content of any other communication sent through this website, without any limitation and therefore including their truthfulness and accuracy.














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