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What is SUBTEX

Breathable sheet for coverage

SubTex is a breathable sheet for forage protection.

SubTex is made of high-strength PP, treated against solar degradation for 5 years, available in different sizes.

To optimize performance SubTex is manufactured with a smooth outer side to ensure sufficient water flow and a rough inner side to ensure sufficient grip.

Both layers help to maintain an ideal temperature, eliminating peaks, thus increasing the nutritional value of the stored product, and preventing the formation of mold and toxins.

Subtex guarantees:

Evaporation of the water below.

High tear resistance.

Good wind resistance.

Excellent both for straw, hay or for covering cereals.

Also excellent for bird defense.

Good water resistant, provided it is fitted correctly.

High transpiration, thus preventing the formation of fungi and molds.

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How to use it

Place the SUBTEX sheet on the material to be covered, forming a minimum slope of about 45 °.


DO NOT create pits or wrinkles on the SUBTEX Drape.

The secret of its water tightness is given by the tension of the fabric. Therefore it is essential to keep SUBTEX as tensioned as possible by applying sand or gravel bags (which will be anchored with the special Clakpack® or Velcro ®), making sure that they do not touch the ground in order to always keep SUBTEX live.


SUBTEX has a direction of installation, the rough side positioned in contact with the material to be covered, and the smooth side facing the sky.


ATTENTION !!! DO NOT cross the ropes using ropes or ropes in order to anchor SUBTEX, this could cause the passage of water where the ropes come into contact with the cloth.


DO NOT place weights of any kind on the SUBTEX to anchor it, this could cause the passage of water.

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