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The Via Maestra




High density polyethylene mono filament mesh

- Fabric weight 380 g / m 2

- Impact resistance 6000 Kg / m

- Total weight PA m2 2.6 Kg / m2

- 200 g / m2 laminated tarpaulin base

- Groove filling Unalterable rubber rubber

- Anti UV treatment valid for 5 YEARS



-Pallet of 8 pieces (2.35 X 12.50 mt)

- Pallet measures 100 X 120 x 200 cm

- Pallet weight 650 Kg


-Agriculture, Construction, Roads.


-Beaches, country festivals, events, concerts, rallies, animals transit, heavy vehicles transit.


-Excellent help on Mud, Sand and Gravel .

TexWay is designed to be an effective protection against soil damage in woods, fields, gardens and in multiple applications.

- prevents animals from sliding, reducing the risk of crippling

- Increases traction of vehicles (excellent on mud, gravel and sand)

- Avoid road wear especially during the bad season.

- Helps prevent accidental falls


- No metal components were used in the manufacture of TexWay

- TexWay is completely recyclable

- TexWay is a smooth and at the same time non-slip product.

- The characteristics of TexWay are not altered by excrement, frost, oil or diesel .

Assembly instructions :

- Remove objects that can damage TexWay, for example, rocks, roots, stumps and the like.

- TexWay can be laid directly on the ground surface.

- The smooth side must face down when it comes into contact with the ground.

- The wavy side up, and is the surface used.

- Place retaining pegs on the sides and between one sheet and the other (see photo on the side)



For best results, follow these instructions:

Remove loose material such as clay, tufts of grass, mud, etc.

The support must have good buoyancy

For maximum grip on high-traffic roads, if necessary, add about 10 cm of sand.

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