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Irrigation Tapes

Irrigation Tape

We present the extruded tapes and tubes for drip irrigation, manufactured without overlapping. Non-overlapping Extrusion eliminates the possibility of flap damage and avoids interference when starting the system.
Extrusion Technology uses specially developed, high quality polymers renowned for their firmness and flexibility. These polymers have been specially developed for use in heavy industrial and agricultural environments.
A special web forming system, with a constant labyrinth, offers superior performance and drip uniformity. The constant labyrinth design provides a high degree of resistance and prolonged use of the system, and therefore more rational use of water.
NEW “hirro® drip” is the belt model with flat drippers, with double positioning filtration, it provides maximum protection from blockage. “Hirro® drip” provides the largest filtration area available on the market set over the entire length of the dripper.
All production is carried out according to EN ISO 9261 SRPS: 2011.

The Plus of hirro® drip

»Non-overlapping construction for greater resistance to belt pressures.

»Design and production technologies guarantee a high level of precision in the development of the filtering part and a high level of protection against clogging.

»Water outlet holes made using laser technology.

»Extremely low coefficient of variation (CV) provides high uniformity in use.

»Clearly visible white lines for better positioning of the tape.

»High resistance to cracking and elongation.

»Available in different thicknesses, spacings and emitters.

»Solid material, resistant to abrasion.

»Easy installation thanks to versatility and reliability.

»Production and quality control comply with the international standard EN ISO 9261: 2011

The Plus of hirro® tape

»Non-overlapping extrusion for greater reliability;

»Specially shaped emitters for high flow uniformity;

»Double water filtration through 110 points;

»Precise micro cracks to eliminate blockages at the start and prevent root intrusion;

»The 'turboprop' design provides a high degree of clogging resistance;

»It is available in a wide range of thicknesses, spacings and capacities;

»Blue ribbons are clearly visible for better recognition and emitter indicators;

»High resistance to traction and cracking;

»Resistant to abrasion, the“ Strong Tape ”material reduces damage caused by the earth;

»Thanks to its versatility and reliability it is easy to install and reduces working time;

»Production and quality control comply with the international standard EN ISO 9261: 2011


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