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In accordance with the 2018 Budget Law (article 1, paragraphs 909 et seq., Of Law no.205 of 27 December 2017), starting from next January 1, 2019, the obligation of electronic invoicing among private individuals will come into force ( companies and final consumers) for the sales of goods and the provision of services between subjects resident or established in Italy.
al fine di poter aggiornare le nostre anagrafiche, La preghiamo cortesemente di comunicarci i seguenti dati:

Grazie! Il messaggio è stato inviato.

REGIME: In the event that you are included in the case of final consumer or operator under a benefit or flat-rate scheme or small farmer, we kindly ask you to notify us so that we can only indicate on the invoice the "Recipient Code" field with the value "0000000" and allow us to send you a pdf copy of the electronic invoice issued and sent to the SDI.

Our Unique Code (SDI)



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