A big net or a big netwrap

Georoll xxBIG is the solution.

Tecnologia Large Mesh TM

The Advantages of Georoll xxBIG


Georoll xxBig is the strongest net on the market with a load capacity of 320 kg.



Georoll xxBig has an excellent cutting facility on all round balers.



Georoll xxBig has excellent bale coverage, superior to all large mesh on the market.



Georoll xxBig

with Enhanced UV-rays resistance treatment.

xxBig Come :

Great resistance

Great Durability

Great Mesh

Great Flexibility


Advice for Use


2.5 - 3 turns on hay and silage

4 - 4.5 turns on straw and short hay

4.5 - 5 turns on corn stalks


TECHNICAL NOTE: Depending on the type of baler, diameter, pressure and condition of the crop, it may be necessary to increase the netwrap turns.

Georoll xxBIG,
great netwrap
big shirt,
just born but already big

Large Mesh Technology TM

Resa, Resistenza, Affidabilità


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