Big Baler Twine

Prodotto Superiore.

The whole range of GeoWrap Cinquestelle twine for Big Balerguarantees maximum performance and high pressures. The technical-constructive characteristics make GeoWrap Cinquestelle superior to the average of strings on the market.

Top Quality

The technical-constructive characteristics of the Top Quality range make GeoWrap Cinquestelle superior to the average of strings on the market.

Model 100 is made with the exclusive Dual Torsion formula which combines two fundamental technical characteristics, resistance and softness, in a single wonderful product.

The BEIGE - Ultra Grip® model of particular interest, is the spearhead of the range, and is manufactured with ULTRA GRIP® technology for maximum knot strength combined with high smoothness and softness of the product.

The XXTREME HD 108 XT Model

Probably the best twine in the world, also with ULTRA GRIP® technology.

Guaranteed footage with increased anti-UV treatment, specially designed for HD machines.

GeoWrap Cinquestelle twine is certified and produced according to UNI ISO 9002

ULTRA GRIP - The Original ®

Ultra Grip is a polypropylene twine and is the result of three years of research and tests that have given life to a twine with 80% grip at the known higher than the standard. To guarantee you the highest knot slip resistance.

Resa, Resistenza, Affidabilità


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