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  • Greater homogeneity and smoothness of the roll;

  • Reinforcement in the central part up to 290 kg of tension;

  • Weaving quality with XXtremeTM technology;

  • PROFESSIONAL netwrap category;

  • Improved S2S system more reliable and accurate;

  • HDPE raw material of selected quality and grade for greater product stabilization;

  • Double UV protection, for a longer duration in bad weather;

  • New arrangement of the chains for greater product performance with XXtremeTM technology with central reinforcement;

  • End of roll notice at 50 mt.

  • GUARANTEED development.

Advice for Use


3 - 3.5 turns on hay and silage

4 –4.5 rounds on straw and short hay

4.5 - 5 turns on corn stalks


TECHNICAL NOTE: Depending on the type of baler, diameter, pressure and condition of the crop, it may be necessary to increase the netwrap turn.


2000 MT X 123 CM

2500 MT X 123 CM

2500 MT X 125 CM

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